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35 min

Episode 56: Mastering Sales for Your Consulting Business—with Laura Wright

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Laura Wright, founder and coach at EPIC at Sales. Laura is a coach and consultant for six- and seven-figure women business owners.

She shares how she built a successful business after two major market crashes and how she teaches other women to get comfortable with and master how to sell their services


Laura Wright

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Episode Details

Laura Wright is proof that you can not only survive market downturns but use them to reinvent yourself and your livelihood. As an expert in sales, she helps others master the craft of selling to build their businesses more confidently and faster. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Bouncing back after market crashes

  • Defining what sales is and isn’t

  • Selling without being sleazy

  • Helping potential clients walk through resistance

  • Understanding the generosity of selling so you can help clients solve their problems

  • Staying in excellence while not letting perfectionism get you stuck

  • Using five easy steps to get to a yes from prospective clients

More About Laura:

More about Laura’s book No Woman Down: 51 Laws to Create Your EPIC Income Rise:

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