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34 min

Episode 68: Marketing Strategies to Reliably Grow Your Consulting Business—with Jeffrey Scott

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Jeffrey Scott, a consultant and coach in the landscape industry.

In this episode, Jeffrey Scott shares how he built a multi-pronged “bonfire” marketing strategy to build a reliable pipeline of consulting business, including by leveraging content to better serve his clients and prioritizing what to spend his marketing time, energy, and money on.


Jeffrey Scott

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Episode Details

Jeffrey Scott shares his strategies for implementing and refining a robust marketing strategy that keeps his current clients engaged and happy and attracts new clients. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Focusing on marketing from the beginning

  • Building a bonfire of marketing strategies

  • Creating systems, habits, and momentum that allow you to keep your business’ momentum going

  • Reusing content in different ways and connecting content together for your clients’ benefit

  • Picking the right priorities and adjusting regularly

  • Saying no to things so you can have the time to go deeper in a certain market or area

  • Writing and creating books, videos, and podcasts as tools for growing your business

  • Establishing peer coaching groups combined with a networking opportunity and experience for clients

  • Filming testimonials to use in your marketing

  • Becoming an expert speaker as a key consulting and marketing skill

  • Recognizing what you did that made you successful after you become successful

  • Being generous and giving away free content as a key marketing strategy

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