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Episode 72: How Did You Get Your First Client Mash-Up—with Deb Zahn and Guests

In this Craft of Consulting podcast mash-up, host Deb Zahn reveals how she got her first client and then shares clips from four previous guests all answering the same question: how did you get your first client?

The answers represent typical strategies for how consultants can get their first clients and keep getting clients and repeat business.


Deb Zahn and Guests

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Episode Details

In this mash-up episode, Deb Zahn and four podcast guests share how they got their first clients. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Getting it right after repeatedly not getting results

  • Doing the right homework and preparation to change the outcome

  • Converting an employer into a client

  • Getting referral and repeat business

  • Leveraging existing networks to get business—even during an economic downturn

  • Positioning and presenting an offer to an employer when you are on your way out

Need more help getting clients? Join Deb and a small group of other consultants for a live weekend virtual intensive retreat.

Getting Consulting Clients: A Virtual Intensive Retreat with Deb

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