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39 min

Episode 73: Getting Leaders to Identify and Solve Longstanding Problems in One Day—with Trish Tagle

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Trish Tagle, an efficiency expert and consultant who uses the SIEZE™ framework to help business-to-business organizations identify and solve hard-to-solve problems—in one day. In this episode, she shares her strategies and tactics for doing that with companies as well as advice for consultants to grow their business.


Trish Tagle

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Episode Details

Trish Tagle helps leaders solve big organizational problems quickly. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Getting her first clients without networking by leveraging referrals

  • Using a mentor to hone her offering

  • Setting client expectations on the discovery call and throughout the process

  • Determining if the client is a fit for this type of ambitious work

  • Working with stakeholders to get them engaged and keep them focused

  • Switching approaches now that meetings are virtual

  • Asking the right questions to reveal what the problems are that need to be solved

  • Keeping the process oriented toward results and not about solutions that don’t fit the problem or company

  • Retaining clients by delivering on your promise and making human connections

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