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33 min

Episode 9: Consulting Business Twists and Turns—with Greg Gast

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Greg Gast. Greg is a leadership advisor and organizational and human resources expert who has founded and served as president of several multimillion-dollar professional services firms. He is now the Vice President of Human Resources at Hudson River Health Care in New York. Greg shares his insights from evolving his consulting business—from a one-man shop to a firm to joint ventures…and more.


Greg Gast

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Episode Details

Greg Gast talks about his journey through different types of consultancies, including how he started as an independent consultant, built a robust firm, negotiated joint ventures, sold his firm, became an advisor, and then got hired by a client. In this podcast, we talk about:


  • How to streamline and then scale consulting operations

  • Key skills and mindsets for switching from independent consulting to creating a consulting firm

  • The importance of balancing trade-offs as your practice evolves

  • How to assess joint venture opportunities

  • Realistically assessing what building a business means for your personal life

​More about Greg:

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