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Episode 91 - Nailing Your Elevator Pitch to Get More Clients—with Chala Dincoy

How you introduce who you are and your value is critical to getting consulting clients. And you usually have mere seconds to capture their interest.

That’s where the elevator pitch comes in. It is a clear, concise, and compelling statement about who you are and what value you offer. It can be extremely difficult to do it well!

So in this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Chala Dincoy, the CEO and Founder of The Repositioning Expert and an elevator pitch expert and coach. She is going to help you learn why doing it well matters and how to create yours


Chala Dincoy

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Episode Details

As a former purchaser of services in her role as a marketing manager for Tier 1 corporations, Chala has seen good, the bad, and the ugly of elevator pitches and wants to help you get yours right. In this episode, we talk about;

  • Understanding that three out of four people who own a business will never get asked for their information or for a meeting after they introduce themselves to a prospect—unless they have the right elevator pitch

  • Recognizing that you have to stand out now because there are so many more people vying for work in markets with reduced spending

  • Avoiding common mistakes like being generic, not having a specialty or a “super niche,” and making guesses about your market

  • Doing your research when you start consulting to get an in-depth understanding of your potential market and niches real pain points—before you create your pick your super niche and develop your messaging

  • Getting unstuck through flushing out old beliefs and retraining their brain toward positive beliefs

  • Recognizing the often-lonely experience of corporate leaders and their desire to share their pain points

  • Getting to your targeted decision makers creatively

  • Replacing the word “impossible” with “how”

  • Recognizing that 70% of humans purchase based on pain while only 30% purchase based on something improving or getting more value

  • Devising the right questions to get at a prospective client’s purchase intent, such as “What is a persistent and costly issue that you have that you would hire an expert like me around?"

  • Positioning yourself as the relief who has helped other people with the same problem get results

  • Polishing your pitch on her podcast

More about Chala:

Getting her book, Gentle Marketing, as a gift at The Repositioning Expert:

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