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Special Episode 7: Key Elements for Determining Your Price—with Deb Zahn

In this special Craft of Consulting podcast episode, host Deb Zahn shares important principles when you are making decisions about how to price your consulting services and inputs you need to consider to get it right.

She also announces a FREE live webinar training:  HOW TO PRICE YOUR CONSULTING SERVICES: How to Price Your Services Right, Get Clients to Say Yes, and Get Paid for Your Value. The training will include how to get past any mindset traps that have you charging less than your value or locking you into a pricing model that doesn't serve your business, the pros and cons of different pricing models and how to apply them to different circumstances, how to determine your price and when you might vary it to meet your business goals, ways to tier and package your services to entice clients to buy more of your services and get more value from you, the best ways to talk to your clients about your price and pricing model and common mistakes to avoid, and how to anticipate and help clients overcome objections to your price and/or pricing model. Click here to register for the training:


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Host Deb Zahn shares what you need to consider to get your price right for your consulting services. In this podcast, she talks about:

  • Hosting a FREE live webinar training on September 1 on how to price your consulting services

  • Starting with what you need and want in your life so you don’t create a price that doesn’t support your life

  • Avoiding underpricing and overpricing traps

  • Competing on value not price and understanding that price communicates value

  • Not trusting your lack of confidence

  • Learning more about your market

  • Understanding that your past is not your value today

  • Developing a “play price” to start

  • Applying key inputs to adjust your price up and down

  • Testing your price in the market

  • Not assuming that your price is why you don’t get clients

  • Adjusting your price over time

  • (Talking to an adorable but loud rescue kitten and forgetting to edit that out…)

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